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july 16 1998
well this page is being rushed online as i type !
excuse mistakes !!
---- the library has a whole bunch of stuff just received but i'm still wading through it , checking out duplications and useable stuff , when there's a fewdays to spare soon i'll be able to put up a new section of the disk catalouge
also coming soon will be a C64 section of the library till next time keep it commodore !
july 22nd wed
the disk backlog is still there due to decorating , getting an exhibition ready ( 2 in fact ! ) .
well after a query the way the library works is this
i'm the the u.k. nearby richmond park to be precise , and people send me floppies for me to copy stuff onto then i put the disks into the return envelope that has been sent with them with the right amount of stamps needed and drop it into the nearest post box .
this service is free to icpug members - non icpug cbm/pet owners - i'll work something out in each individual case .
i'm not a post office with lots of stamps to hand or a vastly wealthy type with lots of money either !
i just do it cause i like commodore computers !
well that this weeks section dealt with - items will be added to the site as and when and yes i will get the links back to the front page sorted out !
17/9/98 thurs
well the gallery page is without sound at moment due to the fact that i've not been able to upload it as yet !
The additions to the library are slowly building up and there'll be another page soon as possible
29/10/98 thurs
the fact that ICPUG (national) is to stop on jan 1st 1999 is not going to affect the CBM/PET library - indeed it's undergoing expansion to include a C64 section - the catalouge disk is under construction at this moment .
The future plans include a diskzine ( to be issued on any Commodore format disk ) , articles in Commodore world , and the carrying on of the tradition of ICPUG in helping any Commodore user .
the library is now available to all - just send disks & return P&P for items needed .
wed 25 nov
yes i know that page 5 is being difficult - blame me putting in a dodgy html tag! - it'll be repaired as soon as i can upload a new page .
the c64 section of the library is being enlarged and will have it's catalouge online as soon as ....
the library has the diskzine 24-7 available as from 1st feb 99
send for your copy ! - formatted disk and return sae .
wed 16 dec
i've uploaded a new page 5 ( at last ! )
as well as having a test page of of a 512k music sample in QTM format
- the library knows papa george band !
The C64 ection has now reached 330 disks ( and i've got to redo the cat disks for various reasons -- arrgh!! )
A recent trip to bushey benny proved to be a fiasco - why not tell people the facts before they start out - like on the first phone call ? ,
still it enabled me to have a train journey through the north pole jct ! ...
wed 23 dec
the C64 catalog is finished except for a few disks to be entered
and i'll be uploading it as soon as etc , some time in january .
(but by then it'll probably be even larger ! )
thurs 4 mar
at long last the C64 catalog is online !
This will be added to over time , i've split the listings into sections reflecting the contents , among the items available are
C64 , 1541 , 1571 , service manuals , the commodore guide to programming the C64 , the book 'mapping the C64
so explore the sections - and remember all contributions etc .

public service announcement
some time in the future a page devoted to the einstein machine will added giving info about their user group
sat 24 april 99
Well the name has changed but the song remains the same !
Quite a few pages have been added to the C64 section , although the first batch of additions did have a few missing lines in the translation
so there may be some files in the catalogue disks that aren't in the website ....
So send for the updated version folks !
Some people may've sent me e-mails during end march / all of april that i've not replied to
Well I've had e-mail probs during that time so I didn't get them - hence lack of reply ! - all sorted now though