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WELCOME TO THE HOME PAGE OF THE Independent Commodore Library !

please consider this a work in progress !!
The Commodore software library library is amongst the oldest PD software libraries around , it's available free of charge to to all and will gladly help out any 4000 & 8000 series owners . The library originally started life as the ICPUG CBM/PET library . ICPUG was founded in 1978 along with the library and there is a very large range of materials available ( all contributions very welcome ! ).
All sorts of programs , text files covering a wide range of subjects , extensions to BASIC ( BASIC-AID , PROCEP EDITOR , COMAL ) , utilities .
The C64 has it's own catalog section
The C64 catalog is on two disk sides at present
The disk formats than can be supplied are any Commodore 5.25'' and 3.5'' disk , even tape can be catered for .
The library will also do it's best to provide technical help .

just a few commodore links here!

www.commodorescene.org.uk_Commodore Scene - The UK's premier magazine for the C64 & C128_
pet index : this has moved to a new website - this is the index page
marko's site : another commodore site that i visit quite often

The library has an e-mail box at

petlibrary(insert AT)bigfoot(insert DOT)com__anti spam in addy_30/08/03
commodore 4032 system

parts of the website and links

CBM 8000 HTML BROWSER:AN OFFLINE HTML READER FOR THE 8000 SERIES _ new at 19th december 2003
page 2: cbm/pet library catalouge - a big file - as from sat 15th may 1999 its 5 smaller linked files
page 5: august 98 additions to the library
page6: 1st oct 98 additions to cbm/pet library
cables and connections for your CBM /PET : new at 6/6/99
CBM/PET_DOWNLOAD_INDEX_ PAGE : Software for CBM/PET's from the catalogue , mostly in ZIPped LNX format - LYNX17 was used to create some of the LNX sections which were then PKZIP'd ,some archives are just ZIP'd , some have matching TXT files = intro files from the disk . these files are now on a new server 16/1/00, Most of the archives were created with LYNX8017 - see it's page for more info ;-)
8032 _CARD_KIT Download this archive, printout at spec'd size and you too can have a quarter scale 8032! _september 2002
http://www.portcommodore.com_ Larry Anderson's CBM/PET software archive _ read his notes first _
www.funet.fi/pub/cbm/pet_funet.fi _ archive of CBM/PET software _ mostly for 40 cols as far as I recall _
Page scans from Commodore manuals : _these are converted fax's so the quality could be better ;-)
Use an 8050 drive with your C64/128? : _this tells you how !!! ;-)
The Commodore ref guide to commands , DOS errors and error messages: _HTML and converted fax's version of pamphlet P/N 321603
page from a 1984 catalouge about the IEEE-488 cable gives contact information for the cable
How to obtain a composite video output from the user port of the CBM/PET
some notes about the chips found inside some Commodore models typed in from the notes of the late John Brown of Falmouth Cornwall - early 80's ICPUG member
A fellow CBM user from the USA_Tom Ramm _describes his system - with picture to prove it
A fellow CBM user from Hungary_Keppes Gabor _and his system in the 21st century
some pictures of my stuff_page of pictures - words to follow RSN!
some more pictures_page of pictures again
LYNX8017C_new prg for the 8000 series from feb 2000 - examine , create and dissolve those LNX archives to be found on the C64 - text describes it - download from download page . Compatible with
LYNX17, ARKIVE2 on the C64
version C of lynx8017
portable 8032 ?_ showing one such carrying case ;->
how they treated non uk built CBM's _ after they'd got through customs
picture illustrating the 8000 in the office
from the 'petsoft' catalouge 1983OCR on your CBM !
pictures of us hard at work
SCREEN SHOTS of TIC TAC ARTITH - 40 col educational prg from 1979
pictures of 3*4032's and an early 2001
700 or 'B' series
page 3: 700 series catalouge
Commodore 710 A picture of a Commodore 710 from a publicity handout of the time
SOFTWARE for your 700 or 'B' series machine_ in LYNX8017C archives and PKzip'd _
LYNX710.GB _ from Mr Shockley_for the 700 series is in this directory
_ :info about lynx8017
http://www.insectria.org/b128.htmlMr Shockley's website dedicated to the machine
COMAL for the C64
COMAL corner ! : C64 section new at 4 mar 99 - see comal download page! 2/4/00
other sources of COMAL from http://www.macharsoft.demon.co.uk: if you're interested in COMAL on other machines : new at 9th jan 2000
C64_COMAL_DOWNLOAD_INDEX_ PAGE: All the C64 COMAL stuff I've got to hand , mostly in ZIPped LNX format - LYNX17 was used to create the LNX sections which were then PKZIP'd ,some archives are just ZIP'd ,there is a read me text file with info about some of what's available. these files are now on a new server 29/5/01
14 COMAL disks : new at 15/4/99 - see comal download page! 2/4/00
A guide to COMAL _ Roy Burford updated the guide and here's the result !
a guide to COMAL_by brian Grainger _ taken from the pages of ICPUG journal
from TRANSACTOR , vol6 , #3 - 1985Is IOK Enough?
from TRANSACTOR , vol6 , #3 - 1985What is COMAL?
from TRANSACTOR , vol6 , #3 - 1985An Introduction to COMAL: Better than BASIC
Brian Grainger's history of ICPUG at the 20 year mark : this is an item on the ICPUG website
These are pictures of the various plugs and connectors that can be found around in home brew leads etc - the picture quality is due to fact that these pictures are 'made up' on a monochrome monitor , but I hope they give the idea of what you're looking at !
escape command sequences for printers new page from 17/1/00 - will be added to in time with more info !
An adaptor for using ordinary cassette deck with your Commodore _Small Electronic DIY
Silicon ClassicsHere's a museum of old collectable computers based here in the UK . Retro stuff and items that they looking to trade with other like minded people. Take a look and contact them about anything you're looking for. They may just have it as well as the ARCHIVED one. :-)
e-mail:: siliconinfo@siliconclassics.co.uk
How To transfer data tween a Sirius and a CBM
kingston panoramapicture of Kingston Upon Thames town hall _ for no very obvious reason!
how to get things from the internet and into your Commodore ? _ biased towards the pc user :-(
Commodore places to visit ?
links to other Commodore sites: e-mailed to me by a contact - thanks mr CC ! - updated as often as possible
another pageslinks to other Commodore sites:_ part two of above ! _
places to find talk about cbm's : this list is from a mailing list itself -so why not sub to it like i did ?
places to find downloads about cbm's : this list is from a mailing list itself -so why not sub to it like i did ?
Papa George Band
MUSIC page : a sample from the Papa George Band - from their CD ''Nite With You''
gig guide for the papa george band : so why not see where they're at !
A gallery containing samples of pictures that are available as full size limited edition prints signed by the artist
Maureen Jane .
The samples have been posted at a low res
THE FIRST PAGE_ of the gallery

maureen's mac test pictures: this is a test page for a quicktime movies
General Henderson's message for windows users _____
Subject: Multiple accounts with Eudora Light on your Mac _ From:_: Gavin Haines
places to visit on your Mac _ From:some bits from Gavin Haines
Capt. Kirk mets the VIC-20: _ the USA public were treated to this vision when Commodore introduced the VIC-20 to them.
info about making your own RF modulator if your VIC-20 is lacking one :-( _Small Electronic DIY
books on floppy from ICL - mostly from CBM/PET library: C64 section new at 4 mar 99
assorted items on floppy for the C64 : C64 section new at 4 mar 99
C64 books and service manuals along with other books: C64 section new at 4 mar 99
e-zines : C64 section new at 4 mar 99
games : C64 section new at 4 mar 99
the ''nw'' series of disks : C64 section new at 4 mar 99
ex-icpug graphics disks: C64 section new at 4 mar 99
ex-icpug utility disks along with other useful items : C64 section new at 4 mar 99
disks with assorted items on - ascii art etc : C64 section new at 4 mar 99
games disks : new at 15/4/99
tools & prgs collection 1 : new at 15/4/99
tools & prgs collection 2 : new at 15/4/99
pages from C64 manual_ showing how they link up to drives etc - converted faxes
file formats that can be found on the internet : new at 21/7/00
The PETSPEED for C64 manualalso can be found in the C64 download section
pages from POWER64 manual an emulator for the powerMac which has some useful info in

commodore logo strip

UPDATED & MAINTAINED _http://Ring.C64.org

28th dec 2003