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GAMES DISKS april 1999
set of three disk sides with games on
games april 1999- 01
177 "" seq
17 "" seq-game instructions
235 "" prg
2 "tomb.txt" seq
69 "whitewash.sfx" prg
99 "work games" prg
3 "gamesreadme" seq
62 blocks free.
Description for games.lzh file: This is a LHARC file filled with some relatively simple public domain commodore 64 games made by Mark D. Rejhon.To extract the file, use LHX64 on a C64, or CS-DOS and LHXon a C128.To start, type LOAD ":*",8 and RUN on commodore 64.Most of the games are simple ones, except for the "SpaceZoom"game which is similiar to the game "uridium" for the 64. Sorry, there's no sound in any of these games, since this programmer (me) is hearing impaired.. :) Have fun playing.And yes, these games are public domain...Email address of Mark Rejhon: valid until end of April 1994
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Tomb.lzh is Escape from Tiamat's Tomb, an adventure game of which the object is to find your way out of an underground labyrinth and defeatthe Guardians at the end. The focus of this game is on talking to the enemy and figuring out clues, rather than filling up the monster cemetery (although you can do that, too).This game was written and released to the public domain byTiamat Kam'en' Any questions, suggestions, bug info, or feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
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0 "game april disk 2-1999 " 04 2a
132 "inspector gadget" prg- a demo!
58 "scudbust.prg" prg
100 "shootem.prg" prg
1 "shootem.txt" seq
158 "darksky.prg" prg- text game
100 "stationwb.sfx" prg- text game
5 "stationwb.txt" seq
5 "readme.cbm" seq
5 "readme.txt" seq
100 blocks free.
SHOOTEM.PRG This is a PAL game, it is a short, sweet space shoot'em up,with average graphics.
Station Wagon Blues
You've escaped from the city for the weekend and plan to soak up some fresh country air, grow a beard (or not if you're female), live in the same pair of clothes until you stink, and basically relax. Soo bad you didn't get enough sleep during the week. While thinking about the great time you were going to have you dozed of and ran your car into a rather large tree on the side of the road. It's going to be a long weekend...
This is a text adventure I wrote a couple summers ago while I was going through a bunch of my old disks. It was written with the classic design program AdventureWriter by NodeWriter. I've recently discovered a few games written with this prg. have been converted to MS-DOS.
The file is called at If anyone has any idea how to convert AdventureWriter programs to $/3, 0,%!3% write me and fill me in! Also write if you have any questions or complaints about the game. It's my first attempt in four or five years at writing IT, so you can't be too critical... But I can't stop you.Gary (
games disk 3 -april 1999--
6 "loader" prg
236 "biggles" prg
114 "armageddon" prg
110 "tiger-hell 3ad" prg
94 "splat&shout6" prg
10 "splat&sh.pic/tbt" prg
94 blocks free.