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From: rgsnet <>
From: "COPLIN, Nicholas." <> 
Subject: C64 Projects Website Added
Hi All,
I have uploaded a website relating to Commodore hardware/Software projects at the following:
Feel free to email me with url and a one line description if you would like me to add your project related site to my links section. 
Cheers, Nick
Subject: Re: Jeff Minter
From: peter karlsson <>
>Now approaching the ancient age of 29 I'd love to know if he's still around
>and creating games for other machines, or if he fell into obscurity (like
>me). Can anyone help?
You could try looking at his homepage -
- \\//
peter -
Subject: Launch of
From: Earl Evans <>
Hi everybody,
Just wanted to let you know that the retrocomputing web site I've been
working on,
went live, as scheduled, yesterday evening!
The site's premiere contents include:
- Vintage Computer Collecting, Part I
- An Interview with Cameron Kaiser
- Book Review: "Apple - The Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, and Business Blunders"
and of course, Cameron's world-famous Commodore and Tomy web sites!
Subject: Commodore Magazine page coming along nicely :)
From: Paul Allen Panks <>
Well, I've conducted the very first interview on my Commodore Magazine
Nostalgia page! :)
Check it out at:
Subject: Re: E-text..
From: Don Judy <>
Hi Supercommodore/emailhere,
Every single title you mentioned has been scanned in. 
Then again, you didn't mention any titles.
But the C64 User Guide, C128 System Guide 
(or at least most of it), VIC-20 Programmer's 
Reference Guide, C64 Programmer's Reference Guide, 
Mapping the Commodore 64 and Plus/4 User Guide and 
Plus/4 Integrated Software Manual have been scanned in, 
the Plus/4 material is not in etext form yet afaik but 
the rest can be found as etext, most of them at:
Some of the disk drive manuals can be found there also.
Subject: Website update
From: SnakeMan <>
My website has moved. The new URL is: 
please update your bookmark files accordingly.
| Help.... I'm stuck behind this keyboard. |
| Feel free to expand your Commodore related browsing by visiting: |
| |
Subject: Re: d64 and t64 files
From: Brendan Reid <>
"RWVAvanOs" <> wrote in message
> I have a C64S on my PC.
> Where can I find d64 and t64 files on the net?
I would recommend a visit to the site in the sig below, but for this
question, specifically ...
> Is it possible to convert a prg-file from my 5.25" diskette (1541)
> to the emulator (and how)?
... and for this. :-) HTH!
Subject: D64 Editor 0.015
From: Forrest <>
I've put the latest version of my D64 Editor on my website for all to
download. If you're interested, please visit.
Subject: C64 Poll
From: Bjoern Schweitzer <>
Hi people!
I setted up a C64 poll on my homepage.
It would be cool to get some poll results.
If you want to make a poll on our site go here:
click on the "poll" icon. There is also some other intresting stuff on our site.
So check it out.
Here's the direct link to the poll site:
Our site is avaible in german and english.
Bjoern/8 Bit Core
Subject: Re: The Wave Web Browser
From: Colin J Thomson <>
> I been testing the wave and you can got out on the net by telnet. Got that
> hard part working. So it's just the term. part working in it but I got on
> the web with the same phone number with the MSdos computer.
You can also find out about its current state of development and future
plans here :-
* | * 
* | Check out GO64!/Commodore World *
* My Geos/SCPU/WAVE News Homepage | *
* | *
Subject: Re: Word Processor
From: Linards Ticmanis <> wrote: 
> I think the best C= word processor depends on your needs.
If you have a C128, I'd argue for WordStar 4.0, running in CP/M mode.
It's certainly the most "business-like" word processor that works on an 8-bit Commodore. Also there's lots of literature on WordStar, just hunt some public libraries that haven't already thrown away those books. It supports some relatively modern printers like HP Laser Jets, has lots of (I think) useful functions, and it can edit arbitrarily long texts without problems.
Find it here:
Find a faster CP/M here (shameless plug):
(The page is in German, just look at the URLs of the links to know which one is the right one.)
Subject: Re: Group : Remember
From: Sébastien Choqueriaux <>
try this link
From: Dick Estel <>
* Subject: Announcing the Commodore Information Center 
I have created a web site which I am calling the Commodore Information Center 
. Commodore Information Center
The CIC includes the usual collection of links to other Commodore Sites. However, its claim to fame is a menu of articles on various Commodore topics, which may be used in your newsletter, web site, or for personal reference. You can access it by clicking on the link "Newsletter Article Archive."
This menu is updated every few weeks as I go through my large collection of Commodore material. The site is intended to be usable by text based browsers, although there is also some graphic content. If you have problems with any link, please Email me with a description of the problem. 
Dick Estel
Fresno CA
April 15, 2000