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links checked late sept 2002

10 andre 's Links- new site index page
18 commodore ring site list
34 dan 's Commodore 64 Page - includes emulators, games, and reviews.
38 new project 64 -dedicated to preserving commodore 64 documents in electronic text format.
42 q-link load screens -load screens from q-link,an online service for commodore 64 's that was in operation from 1985 to 1994.
44 q-link sid archive -collection of hundreds of commodore sid.mus files rescued from the q-link libraries,spanning from 1985 to 1992
48 the fridge -code-storage facility and re-source for commodore-64 and 6502 programmers.
96 pasi 'Albert' Ojala
100 compression,c64gfx, c1581 )
122 pontus berg (bacchus of fairlight,offering a list of cross-platform utilities )
132 anders carlsson (vic-20 info)
142 list of tolkien-based games for the c64 )
148 harlekin of fairlight (piffydos,fairlightml and other fancy stuff)
174 daniel kahlin (amiga and c64 tools)
180 per olofsson
184 joachim strombergson (watchman of fairlight )
fairlight )
204 christian bauer (frodo,a 100{%}compatible c64 emulator for amiga,bebox and unix/x11)
266 andreas varga (technical information and history of sid programming)
296 mike dailly 's plus/4 Page
330 tim allen 's Color 64 BBS home page
366 tony danieli software andmore computer shop
378 daniel fandrich
382 commodore languages list ,magazines and much more)
410 stephen judd
414 the fridge - collection of programming tricks and source code)
424 cameron kaiser
482 disc = overy
486 c = hacking
502 the machine room
506 andre 's C64 page - new site index page
510 dan 's 8-bit Commodore Information
518 the sid homepage
522 the commodore 8-bit www server
526 frank 's C64 Stuff on the tripod site
530 area 64
538 c64 internet archive
550 www
554 bbs based site that you can telnet to
598 http : // = hacking
602 http : // = hacking
610 http : //{~}zig/index.html
more cs-dos utilities available from___
616 http : //
commodore howto project at oasis commodore
624 http : //
commodore products source list
628 http : //
northwest indiana
658 any reviews or hardware mods.etc.will be accepted from any source.
734 subject: new c64 archive online http : //
from dan gahlinger who says

there 's superkit music (ehhh), and 21 second backup software for the
moment.i 'll be putting more stuff online as they are found. Yet another repository for stuffcoming soon: the docs for adding ram to the drive, the docs for adding the LCDs, or LEDs, as they happen, and of course, more software.

750 http : //
754 http : //
subject: project 64 sites
from christian janoff {_}who says
you can get the complete c64 ascii manual here
please support this site as well as its"international" brother idoc

768 http : //
780 http : //
784 http : //
788 http : //{~}mjk/nepa/dev/ger.c64.html
792 http : // {_}retro classics site

796subject: comal{_}from doug snell_ doug{@}
we have a links page to other sites with an involvement in comal.our site is http : // have a look at our x-platform page-we think it might be useful.we 're PC-oriented, although anything COMAL goes. we think all COMAL users should hang together, or we'll hang separately.

808 http : //
812 http : //
824 http : //
836 http : //

852 ftp : //
860 http : //
864 Emulation, ROM & other links etc

Check out this location for most of the Compute!'s Gazette Disks and ALL the Gazette Type-in programs:
878 K. Smith wrote in message :This is probably old hat around here, but I just stumbled across it and wanted to pass it on in case someone doesn't wear old hats. I found an FTP site with a respectable amount of Forth stuff including Blazin'Forth and GeoForth (which I never knew existed). Anyway, the address is:

888 http : //
secret weapons has been fully updated into the eighth editorial edition.check out the complete new page on the sfx music peripherals (with pictures),pictures of the vic 6562/3 video chip,an updated commodore corporate history with some new info and a little extra onthe early life of jack tramiel,new entries on the digi-drum,commodore touch screen and 3-sid music synthesiser, and more.
902 http : //
the old urls( and not forward : if you are linking to the old sites,these are now the hopefully permanent places to find them--updating your links would be greatly appreciated{!}


subject : zzap bible online : from : iain black
the def guide to zzap{!}64- http : //
iain 's C64 Pages - http : //

948 from : edward shockley : subject : new website url
it 's a site dedicated to the Commodore B Series (aka 600/700 in Europe).
the url is http : // 0