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if you can't see the movie why not download quicktime from apple's website

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This is a sample of the cd ''nite with you''
- papa george band C/O PO Box 11101 , london SW15 4ze
gig info line 020-8876-4024 /8925
this sample was recorded live at the Cartoon, Croydon by Zippo Mobile
Papa George on Vocals/Guitar
Paul Foss on Drums
Pete Ree on Bass
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The Papa George Band
The Papa George Band are no ordinary blues band.
You could say that their music has a raw and rare quality reminiscent of Steve Ray Vaughn's Texas style of blues.
Having said that they also retain their own distinctive sound especially as they also blend their strong original material with some well recognised covers such as 'Pride and Joy' by Steve Ray Vaughn and 'Oh Well' by Peter Greens Fleetwod Mac

The Papa George Band offer their fans a consistent quality of raw and unadulterated blues

Papa George's feral guitar solos encompass his love of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Taj Mahal whilst adding the blues of rock of Eric Clapton. When Papa plugs in and plays he explodes with a contemporary style all of his own , his gruff, growling vocals adding passion to the lyrics.

Pete Rees is a stoic bass player . His versatlity and Brazilian influences enable him to compose enhancing effects , not usually found in earthy blues bands . He generates tremendous excitement whilst providing steady rythms and communicating his feelings through his fingers .

Darby Todd , ''UK Drummer of the Year'' (Rythm Magazine 1993/4) has added young spirit to the Papa George Band . He faced the challanges of following certain renowned drummers and came up trumps . Darby is developing a personal blues style , well appreciated by those who have had the pleasure of hearing him , this just adds to the fever and fervour of the Papa George Band

The Papa George Band was formed 10 years ago .Its first experiences in London and SE England soon developed into festivals and tours . The Papa George Band have supported acts of Tina Turner and played alongside such artists such as Micky Moody ( White Snake ) , Paul Williams ( Juicy Lucy / John Mayall ) , Charlie Morgan ( Elton John ) and Tom Compton ( Johnny Winter ) . They last intensive tours were in Scandinavia.
In 1996 the Papa George Band produced a live recording '' Nite With You'' on CD and cassette . Papa George is equally inventive with his song writing and arrangements, seven of the eight tracks are his compositions , the eighth is a 12 minute version of Peter Green's ''Oh Well'' . Three of these tracks are now available on video .