This is from the Commodore Gazzette - 1983 ?
Da Vinci Computers of Edgware have launched a new service for potential customers - a mobile demonstration unit. Believed to be the first of its kind, the unit is luxuriously fitted with deep pile carpet, and is able to seat five for a demonstration in airconditioned comfort.The equipment includes a Pet computer, dual floppy disk drive, and two kinds of printer - dot matrix and daisy wheel - to demonstrate both ends of the price scale. Da Vinci feel that more small businesses will have the opportunity of seeing for themselves how a computer can help in their particular business if the demonstration unit can come to them. This saves busy executive time and gives them a greater idea of how a computer can help with their particular application. The executive need never be out of contact with his office either, as the demonstration unit is also equipped with a telephone. Apart from the hardware, Da Vinci are able to supply a wide range of software programmes suitable for all kinds of business and professional applications. To 'dial-a-demo' (free in London and surrounding areas) just telephone the Mobile Unit on 01-882 xxx Code 1882 or Da Vinci's Offices on 01-952 0xxx.