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Now available is the CBM 8000 VIDEO CD , Video CD's can be played in most DVD players .
If you'd like a copy of  contact us at  .
The cost would be mainly postage to your corner of the world as a rough guide .



I loved the commercials (most of which I'd never seen), and I had never  heard the radio jingles before. The 8000 series was presented very well - I knew nothing about the series till seeing this, and was amazed by some of the peripherals.

I am really impressed with the amount of information and great humour that's in this video

I hope it gets shown at a show or Expo or several of them, as  this ... well, I reckon I've just seen a 'classic'.  I'd love to see more like this one.

A VCD is just a CD with a video on it, such as a home movie or a wedding. It's not the VCD that's important, it's the material on it that matters. Like a videotape. A demo of a videotape would be pretty boring, but a videotape with a Commodore story on it ... well, that's different. < g >

In the case of Ken's VCD, it's a video with 100% Commodore material. It  has TV and radio commercials about the Vic20 and C64, a few home made 'Captain Commodore' comics, and then a pictoral display (with audio explaining what you're seeing) of the Commodore 8000 business series
These computers were in between the PET and the VIC20 if my guess on the time frame was right.  Ken created the VCD as a demo for one of the expos in England.

How would you show a VCD at an Expo?   You'd need a TV and a DVD player that can handle VCDs. Plug them in, put chairs around, and there you go.

Cheers (and Applause!),
(who normally doesn't gush about stuff, but WOW, this was excellent!)

Pauline said she had "given up the will to live" by the time it got to the CBM printers section, and went out of the room.

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR ____________  from Belfast Police

I'm confiscating this Video CD !!

brenda from florida

I put it in my PC and now it's broken
andy wiliams from USA

highly entertaining
gabor from hungary

thank you for the great CD-s , i wish you many-many rolling Commodore-years

The CBM 8000 VCD is the first VCD produced by the Independent Commodore Library .
Cap'n Commodore - copyright Maureen Jane 2001
all else is up for grabs !)

DECEMBER 2003 - the 2nd VCD is now on release
this covers Commodore items in general

JANUARY 2005 ~ the 3rd VCD is on release now.
another VCD covering Commodore items in general

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